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Moving Supplies for Storage

Moving Supplies for Storage

When we consider moving supplies and packaging for storage we really need to think about quality. There are a few options when it comes to storage. Self storage units, traditional moving and storage boxes, and containerised storage to name but a few. Each storage solution may require their own specific moving supplies. For instance, if containerised storage is your preferred option, then you need to think about the elements and changes in temperature within the container.

Typically containerised storage will be at ground level outdoors. Always consider Condensation, dampness, and trapped heat. These are all important elements which require careful consideration.

A self storage unit is typically a unit within a purpose built facility. This may provide peace of mind with regards to temperature changes. But you need to think about the location of the building. Is it near water? Will my goods be stored below ground level? Is the storage facility temperature controlled? In this post we will aim to provide you with detailed insight and the best methods of preparing your goods for storage.

Self Storage

Self storage is a fantastic solution for storing your goods and offering you easy access to your goods. Sometimes you will find that Self Storage facilities will stock their own range of Moving Supplies. These materials are often of low quality and very over priced for they are. A good quality double walled box should always be stacked underneath any single wall boxes or lighter items when loading the unit.

Any single wall box will often crush under any significant weight which may cause your goods to fall inside the unit over time. One of the dreaded scenarios is closing the door behind you and an avalanche of your goods occurs inside shortly after.

I would highly recommend that protective bags should always be used when storing your mattresses. A thick plastic is the best option as the cheaper bags will tear and pierce as you lift them. We provide extra strength mattress protectors that will provide fantastic protection no matter how long you store your belongings. This is also the case with sofas. Sealing the bags with a good quality tape is also a good idea.

This prevents any moisture, insects or unwanted pests from attacking your furniture whilst in storage. If you wanted to be extra careful then you can always layer the floor with old cardboard before loading. This creates a barrier of direct contact between your goods and the floor.

If you have a piece of furniture that you feel needs particular attention then you should pad wrap it. Our American style moving pads combined with our Shrink wrap make protecting your high end furniture very easy. The constant transfer of air in and out of the facility will ensure your furniture can still breathe without gathering mildew.

Traditional Moving Storage Boxes

The traditional method of storing goods is the option most preferred by professional moving companies worldwide. This storage solution involves placing a customers goods into specially built storage boxes. You will find with this type of storage that you do not have access to your belongings unless you pay a handling charge to retrieve your items.

When choosing traditional storage like this, again you will need mattress protectors, double wall boxes, quality tape and possibly even some export bubble blankets for artwork or items with fabric. When choosing this storage solution the moving company will usually provide all these materials in the cost of moving.

Containerised Storage

Containerised storage is the type of storage you really need to be careful with when prepping your goods. As mentioned above, there are many factors that will change, particularly if you are storing for months rather than weeks. Not only do you need to be careful of damp and moisture, you also need to think about heat and stickiness.

We highly recommend wrapping each item of furniture in our export bubble blankets. This material is excellent for protecting furniture from scratches and marks. Our export bubble is made from gentle non-abrasive woven polypropylene layers. This is a modern alternative to moving blankets and can withstand changes in temperature whilst being shipped internationally or in storage.

The bubble wrap blanket also absorbs excess moisture and protects against dampness. Of course, high quality double wall boxes and quality tape are a must also.

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