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Returning to the Office?

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Returning to the Office?

As we seem to turn a corner at last with Covid-19 vaccines beginning to roll out, it may be the case for some of you to continue to work from home, or move back to the office. This may come as good news to some, and not so good for others! Of course, working from home has transformed how some companies conduct their daily business. There are the obvious cost-effective benefits of having staff work from home. But what might suit some, may not suit others.

So let’s assume you are the latter. Transporting your IT equipment and work belongings has never been easier. Moving Supplies & Packaging have a variety of file, PC and Eco move crates to make this process completely effortless. Whether you are an employer or an employee tasked with transporting your own equipment, then Moving Supplies is here to help.

PC crates

Extra large PC crates are ideal for large monitors and oversized I.T equipment.
Anti Static Bubblewrap can be provided for delicate I.T equpment

As you can see from the image above our extra-large PC crates are ideal for a variety of I.T Equipment. Your crates will be delivered at a time convenient to you. You then, simply wrap your monitors and hardware and either transport them to your office or home or we can even arrange that for you. When you are fully set up, we will come and collect the empty crates. It really is that simple.

PC crates can be packed and transported with ease. Your equipment will remain fully protected in transit.

We are finding that many clients are either finding themselves gradually moving back to their workplaces. Alternatively some have been told that they are working from home for the foreseeable future. So if you are working from home or moving back to the office, there is absolutely no need to risk damaging valuable company property or even making multiple trips in a car. In some cases, people living in apartment blocks find it even more difficult to carry everything whilst holding doors and elevators open at the same time. Call us for a quotation today to handle your move with ease or visit

Set up your workspace at home.

ECO MOVE Crate Hire

If you have any files or personal belongings that you need to bring to or from the office, our eco move crates are ideal. We are becoming more and more aware of our environment and the materials that we use. In an industry that primarily uses tonnes of cardboard and paper each year, we must make every effort possible to lower our carbon footprint. We recycle a vast amount of paper and cardboard each month but we can eliminate some of that by hiring our eco move crates. These crates have a capacity of 80 litres and they are custom made for commercial relocation. Perfect if you need to continue to work from home or move back to the office. These crates are also available for residential moves and are fully sanitised before delivery.

For more information on these crates or any of our other packing materials please visit

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