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Welcome to Moving Supplies.

We are an Irish based family-run company and we have been in the moving and storage industry since 1978. With over 46 years of experience in moving and storing customers goods, we feel we know a thing or two about professional quality moving materials. This is why we only stock the same moving materials that we as moving professionals use on a daily basis. No shortcuts, no cheap imitations, no scrimping on quality. Now you can use what the real professional moving companies use to protect your valued items in storage or when moving home. We also provide great rates for companies who order on a recurring basis. This online shop is powered by Aaltonen International Moving & Storage.


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Our Best Clients

We decided to go with Aaltonen after a colleague had a good experience and we were not disappointed. Everyone at the company were fantastic, really friendly and professional and made our move really smooth. Had some delivery issues last day due to location but everything was sorted in the end. After hearing what others had paid other companies to move abroad we feel Aaltonen was great value. Highly recommend!

Alex NH

Ordered the single bed combo boxes and it was perfectly designed for a 1-bed house move. All my stuff easily fit into the boxes provided and the boxes themselves are of great quality and will last me many years. They also arrange moves through their parent company, Aaltonen. It was a smooth experience and would definitely recommend to my friends.

Adarsh Bhat

We recently hired the eco-move crates from this company and they were a lifesaver! We hired them for 4 weeks as we needed to store our goods until our new house was completed. They were a godsend for us as they stack into one another when filled and you can stack them super high which was great as we were restricted with storage space. Super easy to fill/transport, very robust and you can just hand them back when you are done. The company are an absolute pleasure to deal with also. Always a bonus! 5 stars.

Edward M