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Moving Supplies and Packaging / Large Packing Paper
extra large packing paperextra large packing paper
extra large packing paper
extra large packing paper

Large Packing Paper

24.00 inc. VAT

Our large bale of packing paper is ideal for awkward sized items such as large serving dishes or large pots and pans. This paper will cover and protect those extra-large items when packed in a box.


Packing paper is great for void fill in boxes and creating cushioning at the bottom of your cardboard box. Packing paper is a fantastic substitute for bubble wrap which is far more expensive than paper which is more environmentally friendly. Any professional moving company will opt to use packing paper to protect breakables and fragile ones from breaking when moving. Sheets are made from 100% recycled paper.

Additional information

Weight9.5 kg
Dimensions76.2 × 50.8 cm


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